Follow the Leader.

Join the leading team in the industry. Ingram Marine Group includes Ingram Barge Company, Custom Fuel Services, Ingram Logistics Services and Houston Fleeting Services. Together, our companies provide superior service, intuitive problem solving, strong management and great people. It’s The Ingram Way. We all work together as a team, regardless of our positions.

Joining Ingram is an investment in your future.

Individuals with disabilities needing assistance in completing an application may contact or call 504-429-0290.

Ingram Barge Company >

Ingram Barge Company is the leading carrier on America’s inland waterways transporting aggregates, grain, fertilizer, coal, ores, alloys, steel products, chemicals, and other products. The history of the company dates back to O.H. Ingram. Ingram was an inventor who helped improve steam-powered lumber mills in the 1850s. In 1906, the O.H. Ingram company was formed in Wisconsin. Later generations of Ingrams oversaw the company’s growth and eventual relocation to Nashville. As part of its expansion, the company acquired businesses related to textiles, petroleum, and refining. Needing to move these items around the country, Ingram entered the river transportation industry. Today, Ingram maintains a fleet of 140 towboats and almost 4,100 barges!

Custom Fuel Services >

Custom Fuel Services has been providing the fueling services you need on the inland river system for decades. With our state-of-the-art fuel flats, Custom Fuel Services’ stands ready to provide midstream and dockside fuel service at our numerous locations along the inland river. We offer electronic metering for fuel, lube, and slop oil; electronic bulk product tank measurement; and an integrated point-of-sale system to transfer the fuel, bulk and packaged lubricants, bilge water, slop oil, and supplies you need in an efficient and deliberate manner.

Ingram Logistics Services >

Established in 2019, Ingram Logistics Services offers a single point of contact for a full suite of customized logistics services. We have all of the ingredients to create a successful partnership with our customers: superior service, excellent equipment, strong management and great people. At ILS, our service, our safety record, our compliance protocols and our innovative culture allows you to have peace of mind that your cargo is in the best hands. Services offered include international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, air freight, surface transportation, warehousing and more.

Houston Fleeting Services >

Currently the largest single fleeting area in Texas, Houston Fleeting Services offers fleeting, shift boat services, towing, and other barge and boat services in the Houston Ship Channel and surrounding areas. Our facility, located just north of the I-10 bridge on the San Jacinto River, is serviced by retractable boats which allows us to easily maneuver barges in and out of our 190+ acre facility. In addition to barge fleeting, we are also available for shifting, hourly work, and other towing/pushboat services. We have a 150-barge capacity, five retractable wheelhouse fleet vessels and six stationary wheelhouse shift vessels.



I am honest, fair, and respectul.

  • I tell the truth and act with integrity.
  • I keep my word.
  • I own my mistakes.
  • I treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • I do the right thing, even when no one is watching.


I present new ideas, use data to make decisions, and take action.

  • I am proactive and recommend new ways of doing things.
  • I am comfortable challenging the way we have always done things.
  • I make informed, data-driven decisions with confidence.
  • I focus on solving problems and adding value.


I am responsible, collaborative, and foster a safe environment.

  • I create a safe and inclusive environment.
  • I am focused on Zero Harm for our associates, environment, customers, communities and property.
  • I am reliable and fulfill my commitments to the team.
  • I work well with others to achieve a common goals.


I am adaptable, a learner, and a leader.

  • I deliver meaningful results for Ingram.
  • I am flexible and open to change.
  • I strive to be a positive example and to motivate others.
  • I provide useful feedback to strengthen the team and achieve our goals.
  • I seek knowledge and feedback to support my growth.